Rising damp is caused by dampness underground

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Rising damp is caused by dampness underground rising up the walls in much the same way as water in the ground rises up the stem of a plant. . This capillary action then results in dampness in the walls, which then penetrates through to the inside of the home where mildew and mould rapidly begin to form, poising a health risk as well as looking unsightly. With 26 years of industry experience, Apex Coating has become one of the leading wall coating service providers in the UK.protectyourwalls. Rising damp can not only cause serious health problems, but can result in physical deterioration of the walls and substantially lower the value of the property. Kent, United Kingdom, 14th June 2010 - With a recent survey showing that over 15% of British homes have some problem with dampness, and as the summer sun is now in evidence with warmer, drier weather ahead, now is the perfect time to think about arranging rising damp treatment. Apex Coating Services (www. At the same time, Apex Coating Services is able to apply their rising damp treatment and wall coating treatment to significantly improve the exterior look of the property, helping to add both durability and visual appeal, boosting the overall value of a property and helping to reduce the health risks associated with dampness. The only problem for many homeowners, however, is determining the best combination of treatments to ensure that the problem not only doesn't re-occur, but that walls are still able to breathe, ensuring a healthy home inside and out. For more information about Apex Coating Services, rising damp metallizing coating machine Manufacturers treatment or wall coating treatments, visit their website at www.protectyourwalls.uk/apex-coating-services-penetrating-damp.co. About Apex Coating Services: Apex Coating Services is a family run business providing expert services in wall coating for damp treatment.Kent, United Kingdom June 16, 2010 - For Immediate Release With warm, dry weather on its way now is the perfect time to think about rising damp treatment and wall coating to improve the durability of your walls, the health of your family and the value of your property.uk/) has an ideal solution to help ensure that not only is a rising damp treatment able to work to maximum efficiency, but that the walls of a home are still able to breathe, allowing moisture and dampness out in a way that ensures the bricks and masonry lasts much longer

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